• #5 Brothers Collection BP2205

    #5 Brothers Collection BP2205

    BP2205-5 Brocade BP2205-6 Green stars to crackling BP2205-7 Purple Peony BP2205-8 Red crackling flowers

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  • #500 Brothers Collection BP2215

    #500 Brothers Collection BP2215

    BP2215-1 Multicolored Brocade BP2215-2 Golden stars to crackling BP2215-3 Purple crackling flowers BP2215-4 Red Bouquets

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  • 2 Min. Fireworks Barrage FCC1595

    2 Min. Fireworks Barrage FCC1595

    It seems this barrage last forever with all kinds of the performance you can

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  • 8 Ball Bamboo Bangers BP3092

    8 Ball Bamboo Bangers BP3092

    Ancient Chinese secret Bamboo Bangers with alternating red and green stars to reports

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  • Acid Rain BP2030

    Acid Rain BP2030

    Concern mounts as plumes of red and white rise to the sky. They cause fallout of green, blue and yellow bouquets, crackling, spinners and whistling. This isn't toxic; It's intoxicating. 37 SHOTS

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  • AF One BP2378

    AF One BP2378

    Offers a white tail to crackling with color stars, red & blue stars, red & blue stars with silver glitter. 16 SHOTS

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  • Air Strike FCC1517

    Air Strike FCC1517

    This is a barrage w/the most various effects you ever get! Long lasting, hard

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  • Alien FCC1061

    Alien FCC1061

    ALIEN is not immune to the Midas Touch as this cake features gold tails,

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  • Alien Fountain FCC3054

    Alien Fountain FCC3054

    It is a beautiful fountain. Mind the alien's eys!

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  • All Star Action BP-A020

    All Star Action BP-A020

    350g Assortment - 4 cakes - 4 x 16 SHOTS. Multicolored, gilttering tails to multicolored palms, willows, and crackling flowers. BP-A020-1 Slam Dunk, BP-A020-2 Hat Trick, BP-A020-3 Grand Slam, BP-A020-4 Touch Down.

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  • Americana BP2004

    Americana BP2004

    A colorful variety pack of tails and crackling and bouquets and scrambling comets and whistling. 37 SHOTS

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  • Attack Jet FCC1014

    Attack Jet FCC1014

    20 shots of loud long lasting unique whistling and 5 shots of finale of

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  • Baaad Boy FCC1008C

    Baaad Boy FCC1008C

    Red tail to red/lemon/green strobe; green tail to orange/green strobe; last

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  • Baby Boomers BP2046

    Baby Boomers BP2046

    All stressed out chasing gold? Better sit back under these golden willows and smell the crackling flowers. The smoke is sure to restore youth. 16 SHOTS

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  • Badge of Honor BP2027

    Badge of Honor BP2027

    Red tails to stars, crackling palms with glitter. Green, yellow, purple then blue tails to stars to crackling palms with glitter and finale. 25 SHOTS

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  • Battle Buster

    Battle Buster

    The USA Battle Buster Assortment is a compilation of artillery shells, bottle

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  • Best in Show FCC3502

    Best in Show FCC3502

    Fan-shape effect featuring in green fountain. Multi-color droplets, silver chry wired, spider flower w/blue, yellow silk crackling, yellow and blue crackling and huge Ti-crackle. Dazzling and brilliant.

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  • Big Bad Bone FCC1505

    Big Bad Bone FCC1505

    BIG BAD BONE features big breaks, bold packaging, and BRIGHT neon colors -

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  • Big N Bad P5126

    Big N Bad P5126

    A strong recommend cake with unbelievable big breaking of palmtree and crackling flower!

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  • Big N Bold BP2135

    Big N Bold BP2135

    Big 'n bold red palms with white glitter. Big 'n bold green palms with white glitter. Big 'n bold yellow palms with white glitter. Then alternating red bouquets, white glitter and blue stars and a three shot finale of crackling willows. 18 SHOTS

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  • Big Top BP2035

    Big Top BP2035

    Come see the world's greatest six row show. Rows of alternating red, white, and blue tails to red, white and blue stars with rows of alternating titanium, green and purple tails to red, green and purple stars with crackling. Finale of quickened whistling

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  • Bigger Badder Better BP2437

    Bigger Badder Better BP2437

    Bigger, Badder, Better fireworks with six huge red, green, yellow and purple to silver sunflowers and a three-shot finale of red, yellow and purple to silver sunflowers. 9 SHOTS

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  • Bling-Bling BP2098

    Bling-Bling BP2098

    Green Bling with purple stars and red, blue and white Bling. Red and green bouquets with time delay Bling and crackling Bling. Thirty-six shot of two different diameters. 36 SHOTS

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  • Blond Joke BP2975

    Blond Joke BP2975

    An attention grabbing show of alternating red crackling stars, green bouquets with crackling tail and blue bouquets with crackling tails. Twelve of the 36 shots in a HUGE finale.

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  • Blue Dragon FCC1025

    Blue Dragon FCC1025

    Blue and chrysanthemum. Mine and Break! Small pieces with big explosion!

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  • Bold Colors BP2509

    Bold Colors BP2509

    Bold red, white and blue pearls and glitter with brocade, and a four-shot brocade finale. 20 SHOTS

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  • Bounty Hunter BP2345

    Bounty Hunter BP2345

    Into the night, shots ring out: quickened golden glitter with blue stars, crackling with red stars and bouquets, then blue stars with falling leaves, red glitter and crackling, blue stars with flying fish and glittering willows with crackling. A six shot

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  • Brocade Boss BP2545

    Brocade Boss BP2545

    Let the BOSS show you - brocade tails to brocade with blue, and red stars, ending in a four-shot finale. 12 SHOTS

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  • Brocade FCC1075

    Brocade FCC1075

    Gold tail to brocade to red/green/blue with amazing chrysanthemum flower

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  • Bronc Buster BP2541

    Bronc Buster BP2541

    It's a wild ride of alternating red stars with silver glitter, brocade, and red stars with blue stars. And a HALF - three-shot finale of brocade to red and blue stars. 13 SHOTS

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  • Brothers Original BP2602

    Brothers Original BP2602

    Classic crackling tails to alternating red stars with crackling, green stars with crackling, and blue stars with crackling, then red and green bouquets. Ends with a two-shot finale of red and green bouquets. 19 SHOTS

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  • Bull Ride P5127

    Bull Ride P5127

    Multi-color pam tree, crackling white strobe and multi-color dahlia.A noisy cake!

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  • Call of the Wild FCC1536

    Call of the Wild FCC1536

    Colot flying stars, palm tree; color strobes, and crackling. (32 shots)

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  • Color Changing Artillery FCC2011

    Color Changing Artillery FCC2011

    Color changing shells-red to silver glitter, blue to red, purple to green, blue to silver glitter, yellow to red, green to red.

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  • Crackling Mines P5111

    Crackling Mines P5111

    You can see the nice crackling mine all over the sky!

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  • Crater Cruiser BP7116

    Crater Cruiser BP7116

    Rolling around the moon with silver whistles while the cruiser goes back and forth. The top spouts red flames, red and green stars, crackling and green stars as it rotates.

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  • Crazy Creatures BP2063

    Crazy Creatures BP2063

    Call of the wild with green glittering tails and stars, silver glitter, tails, crackling, flowers and stars. An eight-shot finale of whistling, tails, crackling and flowers. 36 SHOTS

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  • Day Breakers FCC1404

    Day Breakers FCC1404

    Strong recommended missile! Green glitter whistling with crackling; Greeting

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  • Desperado BP-A052

    Desperado BP-A052

    Thirty-six two, three and four break shells. 108 BREAKS

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