Hot Fireworks

  • 2 Min. Fireworks Barrage FCC1595

    2 Min. Fireworks Barrage FCC1595

    It seems this barrage last forever with all kinds of the performance you can

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  • Air Strike FCC1517

    Air Strike FCC1517

    This is a barrage w/the most various effects you ever get! Long lasting, hard

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  • Alien FCC1061

    Alien FCC1061

    ALIEN is not immune to the Midas Touch as this cake features gold tails,

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  • Alien Fountain FCC3054

    Alien Fountain FCC3054

    It is a beautiful fountain. Mind the alien's eys!

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  • Attack Jet FCC1014

    Attack Jet FCC1014

    20 shots of loud long lasting unique whistling and 5 shots of finale of

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  • Baaad Boy FCC1008C

    Baaad Boy FCC1008C

    Red tail to red/lemon/green strobe; green tail to orange/green strobe; last

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  • Big Bad Bone FCC1505

    Big Bad Bone FCC1505

    BIG BAD BONE features big breaks, bold packaging, and BRIGHT neon colors -

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  • Blue Dragon FCC1025

    Blue Dragon FCC1025

    Blue and chrysanthemum. Mine and Break! Small pieces with big explosion!

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  • Brocade FCC1075

    Brocade FCC1075

    Gold tail to brocade to red/green/blue with amazing chrysanthemum flower

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  • Call of the Wild FCC1536

    Call of the Wild FCC1536

    Colot flying stars, palm tree; color strobes, and crackling. (32 shots)

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  • Day Breakers FCC1404

    Day Breakers FCC1404

    Strong recommended missile! Green glitter whistling with crackling; Greeting

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  • Fatal FCC1008

    Fatal FCC1008

    Orange + green strobe, red + silver strobe, repeat. Last shot is orange +

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  • Heaven’s Thunder FCC1002

    Heaven’s Thunder FCC1002

    Gold tail shoots all the way up to various willow and blue stars. Loud

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  • Holy Smoke FCC1802B

    Holy Smoke FCC1802B

    Enormous colorful dahlia with bright silver strobe. A show-stopper! (9 shots)

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  • Hot Like Fire FCC1501

    Hot Like Fire FCC1501

    Big ground brocade crown w/sky blue and red or white or green strobe. Very

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  • Kick Ass FCC1037

    Kick Ass FCC1037

    It prays large silver crackle with blue pearl. Then shots up with crackle,

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  • Knocks FCC1011

    Knocks FCC1011

    The maximum break you can ever see in a 200gram cake! Huge brocade and

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  • Liberty Salute FCC1802A

    Liberty Salute FCC1802A

    Stupendous break of brocade with neon peony or chrysanthemum.

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  • Loaded FCC1016

    Loaded FCC1016

    It's fully loaded and heavy! Whistling w/crackling tail, silver crackling tail

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  • Mad Hatter FCC3054

    Mad Hatter FCC3054

    Crackling and blue Stan mine. Very powerful. (7 shots)

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  • Mini Floral Shell FCC1028

    Mini Floral Shell FCC1028

    C: Ti-gold willow w/silver strobe or blue or green strobe. Last 2 shots are Ti-gold

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  • Neon Night FCC1052

    Neon Night FCC1052

    It break to red/orange/pink/yellow/blue/purple; end in two shots of

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  • No Peace FCC1507

    No Peace FCC1507

    Red and silver strobe up to blue/red/green/silver/ strobe. (20 shots)

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  • Not Just Good But Great FCC1808

    Not Just Good But Great FCC1808

    High altitude bursts that open to splended brocade to crackling with

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  • On Fire FCC1534

    On Fire FCC1534

    Start with orange/green/silver strobe, then shot out brocade, color strobe

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  • Pirate FCC1034

    Pirate FCC1034

    Very nice small cake with 16 shots of noisy crackling tail to red/green purple

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  • RockStar FCC1021

    RockStar FCC1021

    This is an excellent 16 shots 200 gram cake loaded with performance; color tail

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  • Rounder FCC1008C

    Rounder FCC1008C

    Red and silver strobe, green strobe w/brocade, sky blue, red w/time rain.

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  • Screamer FCC1567

    Screamer FCC1567

    Crazy scream goes with red/blue and crackle. Finale with a big break with

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  • Silver Lion FCC1035

    Silver Lion FCC1035

    25 shots of silver strobe. The sky is brighten.

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  • Tiger Tank FCC1049

    Tiger Tank FCC1049

    16 shots of color mine; color or whistling tails to color

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  • Trap FCC1074

    Trap FCC1074

    Gold tail to brocade w/ blue & gold glitter, green & silver glitter, silver glitter

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  • U.S. Power FCC1550ABCD

    U.S. Power FCC1550ABCD

    You can mix ABCD in a color or choose any one to make a case. (6 shots)

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