• Color Changing Artillery FCC2011

    Color Changing Artillery FCC2011

    Color changing shells-red to silver glitter, blue to red, purple to green, blue to silver glitter, yellow to red, green to red.

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  • Desperado BP-A052

    Desperado BP-A052

    Thirty-six two, three and four break shells. 108 BREAKS

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  • DIY Fireworks BP2063

    DIY Fireworks BP2063

    DO IT YOURSELF with these six quadruple break shells. 1. red, white and blue chrysanthemums and white flashing. 2. silver and colored bouquets and purple and yellow stars. 3. crackling x 4. 4. purple, white, green and blue stars. 5. colored bouquets x 4.

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  • Fear No Evil  BP2215

    Fear No Evil BP2215

    Fear No Evil: overcome the darkness with a skyful of colorful stars, silver and green glitter and crackling stars. There are six shells and each has FIVE breaks. 30 BREAKS

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  • Quest BP-A053

    Quest BP-A053

    Twenty-four single canister shells.

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  • Serious Equipment BP-A011

    Serious Equipment BP-A011

    This performance depends on you. You can shoot these 60 shells in any order you like. All these ball shells, cylinder shells, peanut shells and triple-break shells give you 102 bursts and you see all kinds of things: crackling, chrysanthemums, bouquets, j

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