Here is a selection of pics from our newest fountains.
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  • Best in Show FCC3502

    Best in Show FCC3502

    Fan-shape effect featuring in green fountain. Multi-color droplets, silver chry wired, spider flower w/blue, yellow silk crackling, yellow and blue crackling and huge Ti-crackle. Dazzling and brilliant.

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  • Ecstasy BP4238

    Ecstasy BP4238

    A vivid recollection of blue stars and peacock tail chrysanthemums. An unexpected flare of red torches and red shower with crackling then a blowout of golden sparks and crackling silver.

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  • Highballin’ BP4293

    Highballin’ BP4293

    Full speed ahead with blue stars and gold crackling glitter, red and green stars with gold and silver chrysanthemums, blue stars with silver chrysanthemums and silver crackling and silver whistling throughout. Fountain

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  • Keg Party

    Keg Party

    This keg overflows with golden chrysanthemums with blue stars, red

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  • Nuclear Physics BP4313

    Nuclear Physics BP4313

    A fallout of gold flowers, silver chrysanthemums, and red and green pearls, then silver showers and crackling.

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  • Purplicious BP4270

    Purplicious BP4270

    A delicious mix of green stars and purple and crackling and purple and white flowers and purple and more crackling and purple and yellow stars and purple and pine needles and purple-Grape Stuff!

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  • Pyro Frog FCC3030

    Pyro Frog FCC3030

    Red cylyx silver crackling w/blue, chry, white flower, crackling. Dont miss its shining eyes and glowing mouth. Funny staff!

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  • Rainmaker BP4249

    Rainmaker BP4249

    Get the showers going with this can of Rain Maker. Red and blue stars with fringy flowers and then come silver showers. Red stars with crackling; green stars with yellow glitter then silver showers. Green stars with crackling, orange stars with white chry

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