• Crater Cruiser BP7116

    Crater Cruiser BP7116

    Rolling around the moon with silver whistles while the cruiser goes back and forth. The top spouts red flames, red and green stars, crackling and green stars as it rotates.

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  • Flashlight FCC9016

    Flashlight FCC9016

    A: golder strobe; B: silver strobe; C: red strobe.

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  • Hyper-8 BP7022

    Hyper-8 BP7022

    Crackling and screaming racer with red and gold torches.

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  • Mega Cycle BP7073

    Mega Cycle BP7073

    Moves forward and backward withmulti-color stars and whistles, then long duration smoke.

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  • Pyro Patrol Set BP-A038

    Pyro Patrol Set BP-A038

    Cover land, sea and sky in your search for fireworks. The Pyro Patrol pulls out in cars, trucks, boats and planes - eight vehicles in all. They move all over the place with whistles and red and green stars, silver crackling and glitter as well as some sil

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  • Top Fuel BP7108

    Top Fuel BP7108

    Witness the explosive power of top fuel with crackling stars to whistles then red, green and yellow flames to whistles. The car screams forward with white flowers, green flame and whistles and glows red hot. Celebrate victory with whistles as the car move

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