Atlas Importers Fireworks Wholesaler

Welcome to Atlas Importers Inc, a family-owned and operated fireworks company that has been in business for 30 years. Atlas Importers is a direct importer and distributor of all backyard consumer fireworks with over 700 items to choose from.

Atlas Importers is a premier distributor of most major brand fireworks. Brands include Brothers, USA, Shogun, Megabanger, Black Cat, Glorious, Young Fa, Golden Peak, Winda, Beihai General and many more.

With our solid factory relationships in China, we are able to secure the highest quality consumer fireworks at prices that fit everyone’s budget. Atlas Importers also offers its own USA brand product line, an exclusive line of high performance items that are individually chosen for our customers.

Atlas Importers is the best choice for making your 4th of July, Birthday, Wedding, New Year's celebration or any event a memorable one.

All clients, whether buying sparklers for a birthday or fireworks by the case for a backyard celebration, deserve the same amount of effort and service to make their shopping experience easy and enjoyable. Simply stated, details matter and keep us striving toward perfection.