Multi Shot Cakes

  • Acid Rain BP2030

    Acid Rain BP2030

    Concern mounts as plumes of red and white rise to the sky. They cause fallout of green, blue and yellow bouquets, crackling, spinners and whistling. This isn't toxic; It's intoxicating. 37 SHOTS

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  • AF One BP2378

    AF One BP2378

    Offers a white tail to crackling with color stars, red & blue stars, red & blue stars with silver glitter. 16 SHOTS

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  • All Star Action BP-A020

    All Star Action BP-A020

    350g Assortment - 4 cakes - 4 x 16 SHOTS. Multicolored, gilttering tails to multicolored palms, willows, and crackling flowers. BP-A020-1 Slam Dunk, BP-A020-2 Hat Trick, BP-A020-3 Grand Slam, BP-A020-4 Touch Down.

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  • Americana BP2004

    Americana BP2004

    A colorful variety pack of tails and crackling and bouquets and scrambling comets and whistling. 37 SHOTS

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  • Baby Boomers BP2046

    Baby Boomers BP2046

    All stressed out chasing gold? Better sit back under these golden willows and smell the crackling flowers. The smoke is sure to restore youth. 16 SHOTS

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  • Badge of Honor BP2027

    Badge of Honor BP2027

    Red tails to stars, crackling palms with glitter. Green, yellow, purple then blue tails to stars to crackling palms with glitter and finale. 25 SHOTS

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  • Big N Bold BP2135

    Big N Bold BP2135

    Big 'n bold red palms with white glitter. Big 'n bold green palms with white glitter. Big 'n bold yellow palms with white glitter. Then alternating red bouquets, white glitter and blue stars and a three shot finale of crackling willows. 18 SHOTS

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  • Big Top BP2035

    Big Top BP2035

    Come see the world's greatest six row show. Rows of alternating red, white, and blue tails to red, white and blue stars with rows of alternating titanium, green and purple tails to red, green and purple stars with crackling. Finale of quickened whistling

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  • Bigger Badder Better BP2437

    Bigger Badder Better BP2437

    Bigger, Badder, Better fireworks with six huge red, green, yellow and purple to silver sunflowers and a three-shot finale of red, yellow and purple to silver sunflowers. 9 SHOTS

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  • Bling-Bling BP2098

    Bling-Bling BP2098

    Green Bling with purple stars and red, blue and white Bling. Red and green bouquets with time delay Bling and crackling Bling. Thirty-six shot of two different diameters. 36 SHOTS

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  • Blond Joke BP2975

    Blond Joke BP2975

    An attention grabbing show of alternating red crackling stars, green bouquets with crackling tail and blue bouquets with crackling tails. Twelve of the 36 shots in a HUGE finale.

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  • Bold Colors BP2509

    Bold Colors BP2509

    Bold red, white and blue pearls and glitter with brocade, and a four-shot brocade finale. 20 SHOTS

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  • Bounty Hunter BP2345

    Bounty Hunter BP2345

    Into the night, shots ring out: quickened golden glitter with blue stars, crackling with red stars and bouquets, then blue stars with falling leaves, red glitter and crackling, blue stars with flying fish and glittering willows with crackling. A six shot

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  • Brocade Boss BP2545

    Brocade Boss BP2545

    Let the BOSS show you - brocade tails to brocade with blue, and red stars, ending in a four-shot finale. 12 SHOTS

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  • Bronc Buster BP2541

    Bronc Buster BP2541

    It's a wild ride of alternating red stars with silver glitter, brocade, and red stars with blue stars. And a HALF - three-shot finale of brocade to red and blue stars. 13 SHOTS

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  • Brothers Original BP2602

    Brothers Original BP2602

    Classic crackling tails to alternating red stars with crackling, green stars with crackling, and blue stars with crackling, then red and green bouquets. Ends with a two-shot finale of red and green bouquets. 19 SHOTS

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  • Crazy Creatures BP2063

    Crazy Creatures BP2063

    Call of the wild with green glittering tails and stars, silver glitter, tails, crackling, flowers and stars. An eight-shot finale of whistling, tails, crackling and flowers. 36 SHOTS

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  • Do or Die BP2518

    Do or Die BP2518

    Do or Die - red tails to brocade, green tails to green palm, silver tails to blue stars with silver glitter, whistling tails to crackling, green tails to green stars with gold glitter, blue tails to blue stars with silver fish? Going, going, gone with a f

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  • Don’t tread on me

    Don’t tread on me

    Engage and attack the enemy with this 18-shot barrage. Alternating shots of red, white, and blue effects highlight this cake's patriotic heritage.

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  • Evil Enemy BP2099

    Evil Enemy BP2099

    Battle back with 36 small and large diameter shots. Red, green and blue tails to silver spinners then alternating red palms and green palms with white glitter. 36 SHOTS

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  • Fade to Black BP2329

    Fade to Black BP2329

    A sky brightened by alternating mine effects of white glittering to red and green stars, and white crackling to lemon and purple stars. An eight shot finale of large chrysanthemums and then …Fade to Black. 64 SHOTS

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  • Falcon Rising BP2893

    Falcon Rising BP2893

    Crackling dragon tail to multi-colored bouquets with a quickened 10 shot finale. 25 SHOTS

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  • Fat Chance BP2533

    Fat Chance BP2533

    Small time fireworks? Fat Chance! Jumbo gold palms with red, green and blue stars. 10 SHOTS

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  • Feud BP2381

    Feud BP2381

    Watch out the shooting of golden brocade and crackling flowers with a 4 shot finale of crackling flowers. 12 SHOTS

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  • Firedrake BP2385

    Firedrake BP2385

    Serial twenty-four shots of blue, silver, green, red mine to blue stars, silver wave, green wave, red wave. Ends with a finale of twelve shot golden brocade mine to golden brocade. 36 SHOTS

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  • Firefly BP2071

    Firefly BP2071

    Firefly will burst into action with red, silver bouquets and blue stars with crackling flowers. 16 SHOTS

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  • Flip Flop Fly BP2290

    Flip Flop Fly BP2290

    Loop de loop, flip flop flying away are multiple rows of multi-colored tails and multi-colored stars with glitter, whistles and flying fish. 145 SHOTS

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  • Goin’ Like Ninety BP2433

    Goin’ Like Ninety BP2433

    You'll have a great time keeping up with alternating rows of small and large tubes with many colored tails, stars, flying fish, glitter, swirling whistles, crackling mines and brocade. 35 SHOTS

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  • Hell in a Handbasket BP2612

    Hell in a Handbasket BP2612

    A little piece of heaven with red and green crackling flowers, whistles, purple tails to pink pearls with silver glitter, and lemon palms with red glitter. Ends with a four-shot finale of garnet and blue dahlias. 15 SHOTS

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  • High Falutin’ BP2457

    High Falutin’ BP2457

    Silence the talk with this high-falutin' display of red, green or blue tails to red, green or blue bouquets, alternating with silver, gold or purple tails to silver glitter, gold willows or crackling. Crackling comet tails are followed by a fourteen-shot

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  • Hillbilly Armor BP2387

    Hillbilly Armor BP2387

    Whistle, blue tails, silver flying fish and blue stars to peachy and blue stars, peachy stars and green glitter, to peachy and lemon stars with a finale of red and green timerain willows. 22 SHOTS

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  • Hit the Road, Jack BP2458

    Hit the Road, Jack BP2458

    Hit the road, Jack, but you'll wanna come back for red tails to bouquets, silver tails to bouquets, blue tails to blue stars, green tails to red, blue and silver glitter, gold tails to brocade, purple tails to delayed crackling and whistling tails to crac

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  • Homecoming BP2431

    Homecoming BP2431

    Welcome to the party with shots of large multicolored peonies, red scrambling tails to silver glitter and crackling flowers, mixed with red star mines and bouquets, brocade mines to gold brocade, whistling tails, stars and silver glitter. 22 SHOTS

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  • Hooligan BP2018

    Hooligan BP2018

    A rowdy clash of blue tails to golden spinners with silver flying fish alternating with red comet tails to whistling spinners with reports. 49 SHOTS

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  • Hoopla BP2478

    Hoopla BP2478

    Why the hoopla? Eight alternating shots of brocade with blue stars, brocade with green glitter and then silver tails to purple and silver palms with crackling. 12 SHOTS

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  • Instant Replay BP2240

    Instant Replay BP2240

    Don't miss the action - after each shot an INSTANT REPLAY - crackling tails to alternating red and green palms with delayed chrysanthemums. 12 SHOTS

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  • Jaws BP2372

    Jaws BP2372

    Comes with big shots rising with purple tail to crackling flowers and ends with a 6 shot fianle. 16 SHOTS

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  • Killer Alligator BP2151

    Killer Alligator BP2151

    Silver comet tails to swirling whistle with multi-color stars. 25 SHOTS

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  • Ladybugs BP5035

    Ladybugs BP5035

    These little guys spin in a red glow and fly off with green and red lights, ending in a shower of silver flowers.

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  • Lazer Twist BP2379

    Lazer Twist BP2379

    Be dazzled with this fan-shaped cake! Golden comet tail to red, green, golden and silver glitter; red & crackling stars; timerain; crackling flowers. 20 SHOTS

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  • LOL BP2500

    LOL BP2500

    LOL with smiling faces, double rings and crackling pistils. 9 SHOTS

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  • Lost in Space BP2632

    Lost in Space BP2632

    What's floating around up there? Brocade to silver glitter, gold palms to crackling, brocade to red and green glitter, and gold palms with chrysanthemums. Ends with a four-shot finale. 16 SHOTS

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  • Luck of the Irish BP2120

    Luck of the Irish BP2120

    Feeling lucky? These ten shots of green tails to silver brocade to alternating red and green stars and a final two shots of delayed crackling should help you out. 12 SHOTS

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  • Magic Carpet BP2422

    Magic Carpet BP2422

    Artillery shells as a mixture of red, green, blue and varied color effect with explosion of large diameter. 25 SHOTS

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  • Magic Crystal BP5028

    Magic Crystal BP5028

    Spinning on the ground and rising up to red with strong whistle. 2. Spinning on the ground and rising up to green with strong whistle.

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  • Magnificent Festival BP2815

    Magnificent Festival BP2815

    Blue tail to multi-color bouquets with crackling. Quickened final of 10 shots. 25 SHOTS

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  • Mason Dixon BP2536

    Mason Dixon BP2536

    Draw a line in the sky - alternating red tail to red stars, blue tail to blue stars, and silver tail to silver glitter with a five-shot finale of crackling willows to red and blue stars. 20 SHOTS

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  • Match Magic BP2556

    Match Magic BP2556

    Strike up rows of crackling tails to crackling with whistles, blue stars with silver glitter, crackling comet tails, and a three-shot blast of brocade. 25 SHOTS

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  • Mechanical Bug BP2838

    Mechanical Bug BP2838

    Silver flying fishes with blue stars, whistling and crackling tail to reports. 100 SHOTS

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  • Mobile Menace BP2449

    Mobile Menace BP2449

    Here's something to talk about: alternating red and green glitter, v-shaped titanium flower tails with whistles, silver swirling tails with whistles, v-shaped crackling comet tails and five quickened shots of delayed crackling. 35 SHOTS

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  • Moody Blue

    Moody Blue

    Pure blue mine with silver wave with blue pearls breaking, finale hundreds of crackles.

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  • Moonshine BP2552

    Moonshine BP2552

    Imbibe and feel the warm glow - alternating golden brocade with red pearls, silver glittering willows, and crackling willows, ending in a three-shot finale. 12 SHOTS

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  • New World Order BP2415

    New World Order BP2415

    Red bouquets and white glitter, crackling and alternating. 9 SHOTS

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  • Oneheckuva Firework BP2677

    Oneheckuva Firework BP2677

    Oneheckuva show with 48 shots of multicolored mines. Oneheckuva finale with green glittering tails to red and green crackling willows. 53 SHOTS

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  • OpenFire BP2086

    OpenFire BP2086

    The attack begins with red, white and blue tails to white bouquets and blue stars. It's OpenFire with gold tails erupting to gold willows, whistling tails to red and green palms, white flashes and whistles ending with crackling tails to crackling flowers.

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  • Out with a Bang BP2607

    Out with a Bang BP2607

    A big build-up with Z-shaped alternating rows of silver wave to blue stars, gold comet tails and crackling comet tails. Then, rows of whistles, and a BANG of five simultaneous shots of brocade and a five-shot finale of timerain crackling. 295 SHOTS

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