• Big N Bad P5126

    Big N Bad P5126

    A strong recommend cake with unbelievable big breaking of palmtree and crackling flower!

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  • Bull Ride P5127

    Bull Ride P5127

    Multi-color pam tree, crackling white strobe and multi-color dahlia.A noisy cake!

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  • Crackling Mines P5111

    Crackling Mines P5111

    You can see the nice crackling mine all over the sky!

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  • Ghost Rider P5405

    Ghost Rider P5405

    A gold award product in fireworks show of 2009 LiuyangInternational Fireworks Festival Competition! Unique shootingrhythm can always bring a high powerful breaking in aerial!Spectacular fan shape view now lights your backyard's night sky!Great break and loud cracker!

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  • Great Expectation P5109

    Great Expectation P5109

    Strong break to red, green, blue palm tree and time rain withcrackle tail.

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  • Jester’s Revenge P5346

    Jester’s Revenge P5346

    The bggest backyard fireworks you've ever seen. 252 shot silverwhistling comet tail firing with z shape will definitely take yourbreath away.

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  • Notorious P5446

    Notorious P5446

    Brocade willow with colorful tips, double layers mine. One LOUDcake!

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  • Out of Control P5120

    Out of Control P5120

    Unique sea-blue color and 2008 new effects Extreme Red-Flash(ERF) in this repeater! Sea-blue with ERF, green Dahlia withERF, Sea-blue with nemon Dahlia. Last 3 shots quick finale!

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  • Straight Shooter P5123

    Straight Shooter P5123

    A fit size 200 grams cake with wonderful effects:All whistling tails rise to break to colorful peonies with glitter.Crackers finale!

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  • Strong Man P5118

    Strong Man P5118

    Powerful molti-color palm tree with silver strobe, crackle and timerain. You can hardly believe it is only 200g cake.

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  • Super Sized P5389

    Super Sized P5389

    PRO 3 INCHES RACKS, DOUBLE LEVELS EFFECTS!An amazing rack combined with willows and dahlia!Normally you may see just willow effects on aerial breaks. Nowwe offer you 3 inches breaks of multi-color strobe willows withcolorful dahlia! All shots have colorful bouquets mine displaying atthe lower level.Super sized rack, super value!

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  • Super Sonic P5154

    Super Sonic P5154

    Red tail to red green stars; crackling whistle tails; wave tail toblue star with white strobes; cracking whistle tails to big brocadecrown finale. Super sonic whistles!

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  • Super Stunt P5350

    Super Stunt P5350

    This year's most powerful shell cake! Image its super large 2inches tubes. red, green, silver and golden wave. reallyprofessional consumer cake!

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  • Swamp Gator P5390

    Swamp Gator P5390

    Zigzag grand new cake!Every row shoots the shining mines then breaks togold palm trees with crackling pistil.Brand new experience!

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  • USA Conqueror P5345

    USA Conqueror P5345

    "Amazing Ballet" second generation! Besides traditional red whiteblue waving the sky and also multi color glittering willow abovewill give you a real double stage july 4th fireworks display.

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  • Whistling Dixie P5158

    Whistling Dixie P5158

    A novel whistiling silver tail to big chrysanthemum with whitestrobes!

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