• DIY Fireworks BP2063

    DIY Fireworks BP2063

    DO IT YOURSELF with these six quadruple break shells. 1. red, white and blue chrysanthemums and white flashing. 2. silver and colored bouquets and purple and yellow stars. 3. crackling x 4. 4. purple, white, green and blue stars. 5. colored bouquets x 4.

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  • Do or Die BP2518

    Do or Die BP2518

    Do or Die - red tails to brocade, green tails to green palm, silver tails to blue stars with silver glitter, whistling tails to crackling, green tails to green stars with gold glitter, blue tails to blue stars with silver fish? Going, going, gone with a f

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  • Don’t tread on me

    Don’t tread on me

    Engage and attack the enemy with this 18-shot barrage. Alternating shots of red, white, and blue effects highlight this cake's patriotic heritage.

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  • Doodle Candle

    Doodle Candle

    This massive roman candle stands out from the rest with bright neon colors. A quick barrage of 120 shots.

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  • Ecstasy BP4238

    Ecstasy BP4238

    A vivid recollection of blue stars and peacock tail chrysanthemums. An unexpected flare of red torches and red shower with crackling then a blowout of golden sparks and crackling silver.

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  • Evil Enemy BP2099

    Evil Enemy BP2099

    Battle back with 36 small and large diameter shots. Red, green and blue tails to silver spinners then alternating red palms and green palms with white glitter. 36 SHOTS

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  • Fade to Black BP2329

    Fade to Black BP2329

    A sky brightened by alternating mine effects of white glittering to red and green stars, and white crackling to lemon and purple stars. An eight shot finale of large chrysanthemums and then …Fade to Black. 64 SHOTS

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  • Falcon Rising BP2893

    Falcon Rising BP2893

    Crackling dragon tail to multi-colored bouquets with a quickened 10 shot finale. 25 SHOTS

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  • Fat Chance BP2533

    Fat Chance BP2533

    Small time fireworks? Fat Chance! Jumbo gold palms with red, green and blue stars. 10 SHOTS

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  • Fatal FCC1008

    Fatal FCC1008

    Orange + green strobe, red + silver strobe, repeat. Last shot is orange +

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  • FB0121


    Smiling Face Rocket Packing : 20/5 Cubic Meter: 0.084

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  • FB102


    10" Warhawk Missile Packing : 18/4 Cubic Meter: 0.132

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  • FB103


    12" Warhawk Missile Packing : 18/4 Cubic Meter: 0.140

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  • FB104


    7" Warhawk Missile Packing : 24/6 Cubic Meter: 0.065

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  • FB2000


    15S Sky Willow Packing : 4/1 Cubic Meter: 0.132 Wt (Kg): 21.0

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  • FB2005


    78S Steel Navy (Angle Cake) Packing : 4/1 Cubic Meter: 0.134

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  • FB2023


    188S Dancing Rainbow (Z Cake) Packing : 1/1 Cubic Meter: 0.048

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  • FB2041


    25S Waterfall Packing : 12/1 Cubic Meter: 0.054

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  • FB2044


    36S Burning Skies Packing : 12/1 Cubic Meter: 0.06

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  • FB2062


    12S Neon Lights Packing : 16/1 Cubic Meter: 0.035

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  • FB2063


    12S Iron Beast Packing : 16/1 Cubic Meter: 0.035

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  • FB2065


    16S Wipe Out Packing : 16/1 Cubic Meter: 0.042

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  • FB2067


    12S Snake Pit Packing : 8/1 Cubic Meter: 0.042

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  • FB2071


    12S Night Magic Packing : 12/1 Cubic Meter: 0.045

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  • FB2072


    12S Ace Combat Packing : 12/1 Cubic Meter: 0.045

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  • FB2075


    12S High Seas Packing : 12/1 Cubic Meter: 0.045

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  • FB2077


    12S Fire of Fury Packing : 12/1 Cubic Meter: 0.045

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  • FB2080


    16S Dragon Era Packing : 16/1 Cubic Meter 0.042 Wt (Kg):

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  • FB2083


    9S Fear No Evil Packing : 18/1 Cubic Meter: 0.034 Wt (Kg): 12.0

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  • FB2086


    12S Noisy Packing : 16/1 Cubic Meter: 0.029 Wt (Kg): 12.0

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  • FB2088


    12S Wicked Packing : 16/1 Cubic Meter: 0.029 Wt (Kg): 12.0

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  • FB2091


    9S Achilles Packing : 12/1 Cubic Meter: 0.047 Wt (Kg): 13.0

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  • FB2094


    210S Firing Squad Packing : 12/1 Cubic Meter: 0.038 Wt (Kg): 12.0

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  • FB250


    Outbreak (Single Shot) Packing : 24/3 Cubic Meter: 0.037 Wt (Kg) : 17.50

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  • FB2562


    15S We Love It Loud Packing : 6/1 Cubic Meter: 0.068 Wt (Kg):

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  • FB298


    230S Color of USA (Spiral Angle Cake) Packing : 2/1 Cubic Meter: 0.071

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  • FB409


    Mini Me Packing : 36/6 Cubic Meter: 0.019 Wt (Kg) : 12.0

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  • FB5522


    Double Up 6's (double break shells) Packing : 12/6 Cubic Meter: 0.120

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  • FB5540


    No. 200 Single Shot Assortment (2.75") Packing : 6/4 Cubic Meter: 0.078

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  • FB5550


    No. 300 Single Shot Assortment (3") Packing : 4/4 Cubic Meter: 0.094

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  • FB5693


    Eagle's Pride 6's (Spherical Shells) Packing : 12/6 Cubic Meter

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  • FB7903 Dynabomb

    FB7903 Dynabomb

    Effect: 7 sticks of dynamite firecrackers bundle together

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  • FB8511


    White Military Smoke Packing : 36/2 Cubic Meter: 0.051

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  • FB8515


    Pull String Military Grenade Packing : 6/24 Cubic Meter: 0.084

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  • FB8523


    5 Minute Mammoth Smoke Packing : 100/1 Cubic Meter: 0.026

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  • FB9002 Legend

    FB9002 Legend

    Packing : 4/1 Cubic Meter: 0.122 Wt (Kg) : 16.0 Dimension: L26.5" x W15.5" x D4"

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  • FB9009


    Ultimatum 60's (round, canister, double, triple, quadruple shells)

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  • Fear No Evil  BP2215

    Fear No Evil BP2215

    Fear No Evil: overcome the darkness with a skyful of colorful stars, silver and green glitter and crackling stars. There are six shells and each has FIVE breaks. 30 BREAKS

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  • Feud BP2381

    Feud BP2381

    Watch out the shooting of golden brocade and crackling flowers with a 4 shot finale of crackling flowers. 12 SHOTS

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