• Stop N Go BP2460

    Stop N Go BP2460

    It's stop n go traffic but you're not in it! Alternating red, green or yellow tails to red, green or yellow bouquets with crackling flowers, ending with a ten-shot finale. 25 SHOTS

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  • Straight Shooter P5123

    Straight Shooter P5123

    A fit size 200 grams cake with wonderful effects:All whistling tails rise to break to colorful peonies with glitter.Crackers finale!

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  • Strong Man P5118

    Strong Man P5118

    Powerful molti-color palm tree with silver strobe, crackle and timerain. You can hardly believe it is only 200g cake.

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  • Super Charged Candle

    Super Charged Candle

    328 Shots of Roman Candle barrage light the night up with red green stars and crackling fountain.

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  • Super Duper P5135

    Super Duper P5135

    Super Duper 12-1. 10 shots.

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  • Super Sized P5389

    Super Sized P5389

    PRO 3 INCHES RACKS, DOUBLE LEVELS EFFECTS!An amazing rack combined with willows and dahlia!Normally you may see just willow effects on aerial breaks. Nowwe offer you 3 inches breaks of multi-color strobe willows withcolorful dahlia! All shots have colorful bouquets mine displaying atthe lower level.Super sized rack, super value!

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  • Super Sonic P5154

    Super Sonic P5154

    Red tail to red green stars; crackling whistle tails; wave tail toblue star with white strobes; cracking whistle tails to big brocadecrown finale. Super sonic whistles!

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  • Super Stallion BP2002

    Super Stallion BP2002

    Blue, green and red tail to blue, green and red bouquets with crackling. 16 SHOTS

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  • Super Stock Car BP2181

    Super Stock Car BP2181

    Win the race with red, yellow, green and white tails to palm and crackling. 16 SHOTS

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  • Super Stunt P5350

    Super Stunt P5350

    This year's most powerful shell cake! Image its super large 2inches tubes. red, green, silver and golden wave. reallyprofessional consumer cake!

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  • Suspended Animation BP2461

    Suspended Animation BP2461

    In suspended animation you'll wonder where the time has gone. Fifteen alternating shots of blue or yellow tails to blue or yellow stars with crackling. Ends with a ten-shot finale. 25 SHOTS

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  • Swamp Gator P5390

    Swamp Gator P5390

    Zigzag grand new cake!Every row shoots the shining mines then breaks togold palm trees with crackling pistil.Brand new experience!

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  • Sweet Spot BP2618

    Sweet Spot BP2618

    Hit the Sweet Spot here with red glitter, green glitter, silver glitter and garnet, purple and lemon pearls. Ends with a 6-shot finale. 30 SHOTS

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  • Swords of Fire BP2416

    Swords of Fire BP2416

    Golden brocade with blue stars, the blue and golden bouquets to a quickened 3-shot finale of brocade with crackling. 9 SHOTS

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  • TB1036


    Flashing Strobe Packing : 6/40/6 Cubic Meter: 0.041

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  • Tears from Heaven BP2088

    Tears from Heaven BP2088

    Beautiful multi-colored stars falling from heaven with gold willows, crackling flowers and silver glitter. A quickened four shot finale. 16 SHOTS

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  • Tempt Fate BP2540

    Tempt Fate BP2540

    A safe bet - brocade tail to brocade with blue stars or red stars with a five-shot finale. 20 SHOTS

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  • The Red, White and Blue Salute BP2905

    The Red, White and Blue Salute BP2905

    Alternating red, white and blue tails to red, white and blue bouquets and fan-shaped red, white and blue tails to red, white and blue bouquets. Three shots at a time produce fan-shaped effect. Other shots are five at a time. 24 SHOTS

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  • The Star Chamber BP2401

    The Star Chamber BP2401

    Golden brocade with red, green, and silver glitter and blue stars. 16 SHOTS

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  • The Whole Shebang BP2136

    The Whole Shebang BP2136

    THE WHOLE SHEBANG: Crackling comet tails to alternating blue stars and silver flying fish. Red and blue stars with white glitter. Green and purple stars. Blue stars and silver flying fish with delayed crackling. A finale of three multicolored willows. 18

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  • Thug Hunter

    Thug Hunter

    Effect 1. Red palm trees 2. Green palm trees 3. Blue palm trees 4. Yellow palm trees 5. Silver palm trees 6. Crackling

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  • Tiger Tank FCC1049

    Tiger Tank FCC1049

    16 shots of color mine; color or whistling tails to color

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  • Too Fishy

    Too Fishy

    A special Fish cake! Blue, Lemon, Silver, and Ruby mines to Silver, Red, Gold, and Green flying fish!

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  • Top Fuel BP7108

    Top Fuel BP7108

    Witness the explosive power of top fuel with crackling stars to whistles then red, green and yellow flames to whistles. The car screams forward with white flowers, green flame and whistles and glows red hot. Celebrate victory with whistles as the car move

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  • Trap FCC1074

    Trap FCC1074

    Gold tail to brocade w/ blue & gold glitter, green & silver glitter, silver glitter

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  • U.S. Power FCC1550ABCD

    U.S. Power FCC1550ABCD

    You can mix ABCD in a color or choose any one to make a case. (6 shots)

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  • USA Conqueror P5345

    USA Conqueror P5345

    "Amazing Ballet" second generation! Besides traditional red whiteblue waving the sky and also multi color glittering willow abovewill give you a real double stage july 4th fireworks display.

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  • Whistling Dixie P5158

    Whistling Dixie P5158

    A novel whistiling silver tail to big chrysanthemum with whitestrobes!

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  • White Smoke 5 Minutes FCC9012C

    White Smoke 5 Minutes FCC9012C

    5 minutes very thick white smoke.

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  • Wicked Cool BP2207

    Wicked Cool BP2207

    Wicked Cool this one; red flying fish with green glitter, green flying fish with red glitter, gold flying fish with blue stars and silver flying fish and silver flying fish with purple glitter. A huge seven shot finale of gold brocade to red and green glitter

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  • Wild Bear BP2576

    Wild Bear BP2576

    Spinners with typhoons. 16 SHOTS

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  • Wild Mushroom BP2009

    Wild Mushroom BP2009

    Silver and whistling tail to crackling withmulti-colored pearls. 25 SHOTS

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  • Wild West BP2924

    Wild West BP2924

    Red, white tail to red, white bouquets; blue tail to blue stars; green tail to multi-color spinner with reports; crackling tail to crackling bouquets; 5 shots at a time. 25 SHOTS

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  • Wind Up BP2588

    Wind Up BP2588

    Wind up the fireworks box and out come red tails to multicolored pearls and silver or green glitter, or multicolored palms. Ends with a six-shot finale of carmine pearls and crackling. 36 SHOTS

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  • Winter Ballistic

    Winter Ballistic

    Silver Crackling Comets with Whistling Tribillions

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  • Yowza BP2613

    Yowza BP2613

    Yowza – look at that - pink, garnet and green dahlias with silver glitter, then large brocade with green glitter. Red and silver glittering willows with crackling, then gold palms with silver glitter. Ends with a three-shot finale of garnet dahlias with crackling. 21 SHOTS

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